Latest Arid Lands News

    23 Aug 2020

    Arid Lands Node’s newest team member hopes to unravel more Karoo ecosystem mysteries

    I will be working at the core area of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), which will be the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope. The postdoctoral research project will use novel approaches to understand the dynamics of Karoo systems and the factors which structure them across the arid region, specifically when subjected to drought.

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    22 Aug 2020

    Rare fairy shrimps slumbering beneath the land speed racecourse on Hakskeenpan

    A rare fairy shrimp, Pumilibranchipus deserti, was discovered for the first time in South Africa after being recorded only once from a single locality in Namibia during the 1980s. Unfortunately, the location it was found in, Hakskeenpan, is being subjected to major alterations, which might threaten this population in future.

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    26 Jun 2020

    Kids in Parks

    SAEON technicians attended the event and gave presentations on “Facing the harsh realities of climate change”. The learners were fascinated to learn about the causes and impacts of climate change as well as mitigation and adaptation measures. The challenge was to give presentations that also catered for learners with special needs.

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